5 Signs That You Are Eating Too Much Salt {sodium}

sodium, too much salt

Salt is one of the most essential element of our food and it is also very important for proper functioning of our body. Most of the people like to go outside and have some fast food without knowing the fact that fast food contains a heavy dosage of salt in it. But, sometime eating too much salt or sodium can be prove extremely dangerous for our health.

Salt is considered as silent killer, which gradually damages our body. It was proved in the WHO’s research that if we eat more than one spoon (5 grams) of salt per day, sodium present in salt can cause many health problems. So today we are discussing about 5 signs that shows we are consuming too much salt in our diet.

Problems caused by too much salt

Salt consumption increases the sodium level in our body. Sometimes the salt goes out through the urine, but most of the it remains in the blood which puts excess pressure on our kidney’s. Sodium also increases our blood pressure which causes heart attack. Some research have shown, that eating too much salt can cause brain damage and reduce bone density as well. we should use black salt instead of white salt as a seasoning on salad and other food items.

So here is the 5 signs that shows we are consuming too much salt


too much salt cause dehydration

If there is excessive salt in the body, the mouth remains dry all the time and we feel thirsty even after drinking water. In such a situation there is a problem of dehydration may occur . But here is one important thing to know that Diabetes can also cause same symptom. so its better to check for diabetes first.

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Yes, just one night of too much sodium can actually make you look and feel more bloated in the morning. This is called edema, the swelling of extra fluid in your body’s tissues. When sodium is gathered in excess quantity in the body, then it can cause many kinds of harm to the body by mixing with blood. This causes urine to decrease, due to which many parts of the body become swollen.

High Blood Pressure

high bp
too much salt cause high blood pressure

When blood pressure often remain on high and you feel tense and anger all the time, then it is understood that the sodium level increased in our body. Because of this, salt creates pressure on heart cells, which cause increase in the rate of heart’s beat per minutes (bpm) and high blood pressure as well.

Kidney Stones

too much salt cause kidney stones

Increasing the sodium level in the body, increase the amount of calcium in urine, which increases the likelihood of kidney stone. If you also get signs of stones in kidney, then understand that there is excessive salt in the body.  If you have excessive kidney stones or pain, you should see a doctor and work with a nutritionist to change to a low sodium diet. 

Weight Gain

Thirst for excess of salt is also high, due to which drinking excess water causes obesity problems in the body. If you feel thirst all time and notice gain in your body weight then its understood that you are consuming too much salt.

Stomach Ulcers

too much salt cause stomach ulcer

Too much sodium has been linked to stomach ulcers and cancer in animals, according to a study published in the journal Infection and Immunity. Although more research is needed, the findings suggest that people should be wary of salt damaging their stomach lining.




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