Top 10 Best Home Dumbbell Workout

Best home dumbbell workout
Best home dumbbell workout

Living in this fast-moving world, it’s not that easy to maintain a regular gym schedule every day – but that shouldn’t be an excuse to skip your daily workout routine. However, skipping the workout once in a while is nothing to worry about – after all, sometimes your body need to rest and recover but when this use to happen on regular basis then, there is a problem. So, to fix this problem today we are discussing some best home dumbbell workout plans.

If you are not able to make it to the gym on regular basis then don’t worry, the only thing you have to do is to get yourself a set of adjustable dumbbells. However, you may have to get creative with these dumbbells to get satisfactory results – but you won’t regret it.

Obviously, getting a good quality dumbells is much cheaper than buying a full fledge sweat machine. The dumbells are incredibly versatile and take up about as much space as a small box does in a corner.

As I said earlier, dumbells are incredibly versatile when it comes to creativity. By using a dumbbell you easily can do full body workout whether it’s your shoulders, chest, biceps, abs, legs or whatever. Dumbell can serve you best result than any other home workout machine.

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If you don’t want to spend much in adjustable dumbbells that you are going to use them occasionally, then just fine. There is no specific weight requirement for a good dumbbell session. So, a good quality pair of 8 kg dumbbells from Amazon can also handle the task very well.

Best Home Dumbbell Workout Plan

If you are not comfortable to create your own circuit, then start with these best home dumbbell workout plan given below. So let’s start.

1):- Goblet Squat

goblet squat
goblet squat

It doesn’t matter whether you are hardcore bodybuilder a just a regular gymmer. The goblet squat is perfect for any fitness level. Goblet squat helps to improve your glute activation as well as hip and thoracic mobility.

  • How to do:- On your feet slightly wider than your shoulder width, hold a dumbbell in your hands, vertically against your chest.
  • Squat down between your legs untill your hamstrings are on your calves, then came back-up pushing through your heels.
  • Repeat 10-12 reps in 3-5 sets.

2):- Biceps curls

Biceps curls are the most familiar weight training exercise around the world. Biceps curl is simple, effective and can be done by anyone. You can perform this exercise on each arm alone or both arms together.

How to do:- In order to do perfect biceps curl you need to hold the dumbbell and keep your shoulder pulled back over your torso. So that your shoulder blades are pulled towards your butt and your chest slightly raised. Now pull the dumbbell up by flexing at the elbow joint until they reach 3/4 of the way to your shoulder.

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3):- Bent-over row

bent over row
bent over row

Bent over row is to be considered one of best home dumbbell workout all around the world. This move strengthens your back and keeps your core tight. This move ensures that you are getting maximum possible benefit out of your back training. Bent over row mainly target your back and core but it also proves itself good for shoulders too.

  • How to do:- On your feet almost equal to your shoulder width.
  •  While holding dumbbells in both hands, Slightly bend your keens and bring your body forward by bending at the waist.
  • keep your back straight at almost 45 degrees, like you would do in squat and deadlift.
  • Now keep your core tight and pull the weight up and down.

4):- Abdominal crunches

Abdominal crunches mainly target your core and hamstrings. But when you add dumbells in this moves this become a more effective way to strengthen the front of your torso and core region of your body.

How to do:- Lie down on your back, with knees bent. Hold a single light or medium weight dumbbell with both hands then extend your arms straight into the air above your shoulders. Now, slowly raise your shoulders and upper body towards the dumbbells while concentrating on your upper abdominal. Then return to the normal position. complete 2-12 reps of 2-4 sets.

5):- Bench Press

bench press

bench press
bench press

Most bodybuilders always prefer using dumbbells over a barbell for bench pressing. A weight in each hand allows for a greater stretch and build a bigger chest. Main benefits of bench press include increasing upper body pushing strength, bench press builds the pec major, strong triceps, shredded Serratus Anterior, etc.


How to do:- Lie down on a bench while touching your feet on the ground at 90 degrees. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and push the dumbbells up so that your arms are directly over your shoulders and your palms are up. Lower the dumbbells down until your elbow slightly below your shoulders.

6):- Dumbbell power clean

Dumbbell power clean exercise mainly designed to work on your hamstrings. But this move also maximizes your muscles growing power by rushing more blood into your glutes, shoulders, and arms.

7):- Cross Body Hammer curl

Cross body hammer curl is one of the best home dumbbell workout to work on your biceps. It is simple, easy to perform and very effective for your biceps and forearm workout. It also creates a perfect balance between the lower and upper parts of your arms.

  • How to do:- Stand up with holding a dumbbell in both hands and your palms facing your body.
  • slowly curl the dumbbell of your left arm across the body towards your right shoulder and bring the dumbbell down to normal position.
  • Repeat the same movements with right hand.
  • Do 15-20 reps in 2-3 sets.

8):- Step-Ups

Step ups with holding dumbbells in hands is a unilateral exercise which train each leg independently. By doing steps you can develop explosive power in your legs which will be very beneficial while doing squat and deadlifts. Set-ups also strengthen your lower back.

How to do:- while holding a dumbbell in each hand, place your right foot on some elevated platform and push yourself up to lift and place left foot on the platform. Repeat the same with left foot. At least, do 20 reps in 2 sets.

9):- Dumbbell deadlift

Deadlifts strengthen the lower back part of the waist and most people do it with the help of the barbell. But this exercise can also be done with the help of a dumbbell and can affect the different muscles of the body.

How to do:- The deadlift effectively strengthens both legs and makes body balance better. To do this, stand with a dumbbell in both hands, and open the legs equal to the shoulders. Now bring the dumble towards the ground while keeping the chest and feet straight. When the hamstring starts pulling the muscles, keep straight the body. Make 3 sets of 10 raps of this exercise.

10):- Incline Dumbbells flyes

dumbbells flyes
dumbbells flyes

Incline dumbbell flyes is one of the best exercises for chest. It raises the structure of the ribs and improves its shape. This is also very good for chest pumping. this move is generally performed with a lightweight dumbbell.

  • How to do:- Incline Dumble Fly is usually done at an angle of 45 to 60 degrees.
  • Bring the dumbbells down so that your elbows may reach the height equal to the shoulders. Do not stretch ahead of it.
  • Lift the dumbbells up while leaving your breath and try to keep your hands straight.
  • Stop there little and then spread your hands. Keep in mind that many people stop there after spreading their hands, do not do this because this will reduce your strength.
  • Repeat the same movements.


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