Top 10 High Protein Foods To Build Muscles

high protein foods
high protein foods

Protein is very important kind of nutrition that our body needs to stay healthy. It doesn’t matter whether you are athlete, body builder or normal working person everybody need high protein foods to stay fit. However, the quantity of protein intake may differ as per your physical activities that you performed on daily basis.

Generally, the food we eats on daily basis in incapable to fulfill our daily protein needs. So, we have to switch on some extra protein supplements but these supplements aren’t cheap they will gonna hit hard on your pocket as well as many of us find difficulty in to digest these protein supplements.

So, today we are going to discuss about top 10 high protein foods that will easy to consume and have almost nothing major to impact on your pocket.

What is protein and Why is so important?

we all know that protein is micro nutrient that composed of essential amino acids which plays a crucial role in in almost all biological processes carrying on in our body. Protein is essential to build muscles, new cells and tissues in our body and amino acids plays a role of building block in this process.

Protein is not only build your muscles and tissues but also known for to control your hunger. Which prevent you to eat more and gain extra body fat at first place. Protein Boost up your stamina and keep you energetic all day long. Protein act as a building agent so it also make your hair, nails and teeth more shiny and strong.

How much protein do you need?

Currently, the RDA for protein in healthy adults is 0.8g/kg body weight per day. But the quantity of protein is largely depends upon the quality of protein you consuming, your fitness level, your level of physical activities, gender, etc.

Following points related to the intake of protein for healthy, exercising individuals.

  • If the individual is very physical active then the ideal protein intake would be 1.5 to 2.0 g/kg/day.
  • If the individual taking a well balanced diet rich with protein and all other vital nutrients then the RDA of protein intake should be 0.8 g/kg/day. So you have to calculate your meal’s protein quantity and if you find the overall quantity of protein you take from meals is lower than the suggested quantity then you have to add some good quality of proteinsupplements in your diet to balance it.
  • Different types and quality of protein affect the amino acid bioavailability following protein supplementation.
  • Timing of protein intake is also plays a important role in overall exercise training programme, it is essential for proper recovery, growth, immune function and maintenance of body mass.
  • Under certain circumstances, specific amino acid supplement, such as BCAAs may improve performance and recovery. In such cases you didn’t need much protein supplements.

Top 10 High Protein Foods that are best for you.

As we know that Protein is essential to build muscles, new cells and tissues in our body and amino acids plays a role of building block in this process. Protein keep you full between meals, and ensuring every cell in your body will operate properly. So, eating high protein foods is always a win win situation but the problem is how to get enough protein form our food that meet our daily requirements without adding protein supplements. Its not that the meat and fish is only a good available source of protein but some vegetarian foods can also load you up with this power nutrient. So, lets go beyond chicken and protein powder with these great high protein foods.

1):- Egg

Protein content { 6g per egg }

high protein foods
egg protein

Egg white is considered a best source of protein in the world of body building. It is one of the best high protein foods that you can easily add in your meal. Egg can be eaten any time of the day. Each normal size egg contain 6 grams of protein in it. So, if you add 2 egg in every meal than you can easily get 36 g of protein in a day which would be sufficient to keep you stay fit and healthy. Eggs are cheap and versatile, contain low carbohydrates and rich in branched amino acids and omega 3.

2):- Soybeans

Protein content {36 g per 100 g}

Soybean is the biggest, cheapest and most easily available product to meet the daily needs of protein for vegetarian people. Soybean chunks, granules, tofu, milk are packed with high protein codec. Hundred grams of soya chunks contain around 36 grams protein.

3):- Cheese

Protein content {25 g per 100 g}

All products made up from milk are good for health. Cheese is prepared by processing a lot of milk and hence there is protein, carb and fat. There is also plenty of calcium in it. Cheese is not less than a boon for those gaining. There is about 25 grams of protein in 100 grams of cheese.

4):- Almonds

Protein content {21 g per 100 g}

high protein foods
almond protein

Almonds is considered one of the best high protein foods around the world. Almonds can be prove good pre and post workout snack. But generally people see it as a dose of strength. Some people says that only two almonds should be eaten, some says five should eat at a time. But the fact is if you are exercising, you can eat almonds as much as you can digest. Yes, this is expensive stuff, but almonds is a pure shop of almost all types of Nutrition. There is a lot of good fat in it. Hundred grams of almonds contain about 21 grams of protein.


Protein content {4 g per 100 g}

Milk is best in among all high protein foods in term of veg protein. All whey protein is generally made up from pure milk, it is easy to digest, rich in protein, calcium and loaded with all vitamins and minerals. You can easily get about 4 grams of protein from 100 grams of milk, and if you drank a liter of milk, then you will almost 40 grams protein a day.

Let me tell you one thing, body building contains a gaining diet called gomede. It is completely dependent on milk. Gomede means gallon of milk a day i.e. one gallon of milk in one day. 1 gallon contain 4 liters of milk.

6):- Gram

Protein content {15 g per 100 g}

Gram contain all vital nutrients along with good amount of protein. Gram gives you almost 15 g of protein per 100 g. Soak it and eat it or Boil and fry it, whatever you like, but add it in you food.

7):- Yogurt

Protein content {10 g per 100 g}

If you can’t drink enough milk, then yogurt is the answer. This is a great food in term of taste and nutrition. It is also easily available. You will get about 11 grams of protein in a hundred grams of yogurt. It is also very beneficial for the stomach. Yogurt is very beneficial for the stomach if having without sugar added in it.

8):- Lentils

Protein content {10 g per 100 g}

high protein foods
sprouted lentils protein

Lentils are a type of legume. Lentils are among the world’s best plant based protein. You can easily get almost 10 gram of protein from 100 grams of lentils. By sprouting lentils you can get even more protein with some vital minerals. They are high in fiber, magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, manganese and various other nutrients.

9):- Pumpkin seeds

Protein content {19 g per 100 g}

There is no shortage of people who do not like to have pumpkin. But you can find pumpkin seed easily from local store. The reason is that the high amount of protein and magnesium present in them. Hundred grams of seeds contain 19 grams of protein along with lot of magnesium.

10):- Peanuts

Protein content {26 g per 100 g}

Peanuts are incredibly delicious and rich in protein but the problem is peanuts contains a lot of fat along with protein. But if you are lean and looking for good natural source of protein then peanuts are for you. In just 100 grams of peanuts, you will get 26 grams of veg protein.


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